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A long post describing my next few weeks and what I’m expecting to happen. Asking everyone to get this post to 200 likes and to comment “luck” down below. Thanks!

  ♤i need luck please♤

♤ok so this is going to be a long post so hold tight till the end.♤

First of all could you help get this post to 200 likes and could you please comment “luck” in the comments? Imma really need it in the coming weeks.

Now I have something coming up in the next few weeks that’s going to potentially change my way of life right now.

Remember that post I made telling about how I lost the soccer game to my church’s school’s team? The team with all my boy acquaintances?

Well I expected to get teased the next time I saw them at church and teased I was and now I’m mad.

I’m pretty much a kettle with the lid about to blow and I want to get back at them big time. Thing is…

I’m know at church but I think I’m only known by all the popular kids as the shy brunette who stays in the shadows and lost the soccer game to the boys soccer team for their school.

I’ve heard people saying that I’m the topic of some of the conversations in my church’s school but tbh that makes me really uncomfortable lol

Anyway another reason for not being able to get revenge is that I’m getting better at soccer but my whole team couldn’t beat an elephant soccer team. We’d get crushed both by losing and by, well, physically getting trampled on.

But I’m putting a brave face on and since the weather seems to be getting cooler I plan to play my best at my last upcoming game against my church’s school. I’m just really nervous that we’re gonna lose again and then my chances are ruined.

I wanna get at least a bit more popular in my church because I’m basically invisible and I don’t wanna be that girl in the shadows anymore. I want to stand up and let everyone know I actually exist.

And one other thing that I think it’s time I mentioned…

I…have a crush…

And he was on the team I had to play against last week.

Our moms took us to the same church when we were just toddlers and we actually were friends back in fourth grade but we grew distant in the recent years due to COVID and probably the fact that we were just growing up.

And when lockdown started I didn’t see him or anybody else for a year at least.

But now I kinda have a big crush on him and that’s another reason why I wanna beat my church’s school in our next game.

So if you could please get this post to 200 likes and comment “luck” below, it would really mean a lot! (And I’ll reveal my first finished actual painting that I did in art class.) Thanks guys! -Pastel

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