Starry sky
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passive_reality I lighten up by writing my heart out
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Poem about a young lad's odyssey into the meaning of love.

Starry sky

Gazing upon this cold night,I realise

Countless as the stars may be

Yet, out of my reach they lie

Akin to people passing by

The mud, wet with tears

Remind me of my fear

"Will I ever find warmth,

Before I become one with the earth?"

And I lay pondering

With the cold biting on my metal inside

And there was a ray,

One of warmth, and hope

A much needed rope

To lift this lost soul

From the biting cold

Of his insides of steel

For came the maiden, that

His heart would steal

As she slid her hand into mine

Peering through the pines-

It dawned upon me

For I saw only the sun

Though it was a star

'Twas the only one-

The harbinger of life

The world around me blurred

As to me, it occurred

That till the end of time

Her dreams shall be mine

And in the subsiding din

Of people passing by

I realised

The stars had vanished from the sky

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