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passive_reality I lighten up by writing my heart out
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A boy once lived With soul to the brim he was filled


A boy once lived

With soul to the brim he was filled

He had a habit of giving;

But others, only of taking

He gave away fragments of his existence

To everyone that promised him persistence-

To be by his side when they were needed

But none - to his calls - heeded

They stole, little by little

What was left of his shattered soul

And made him brittle, for

The boy was easy to deceive-

They promised permanence

And permanence he would receive

In the form of an empty mind

Replacing that which

Was once filled with all things kind

Everybody took a piece

But none returned any

The ones to be blamed

Are now doing the blaming

Making him a monster

In the eyes of many

For having nothing left to give

To people who come to him

He's tired of satisfying every whim

As much as the ghosts of his past

Beg him to donate his last

Afraid, that his past he must relive

Alone, he lives - dry, and grim

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