Reaching Out

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~By [relation] Edith ~

Reach out with kind words!

Reaching Out

By [relation] ~Edith~

Kind words are never out of place

and often put a smile on a weary face

Kind words infuse a message of hope

to the soul lost on a slippery slope

Kind words may mean encouraging the one

who faces a challenge thinking it can't be done

Kind words bring comfort to those who suffer and mourn,

as they go through an unthinkable storm

Kind words, we all strive on and need,

are even more meaningful when complemented by a kind deed

Kind words often open the door

to new friendships and more ...

Kind words are never out of place

and add a spark to the hectic life of the human race

Reach out with a kind word and a smile,

who knows it may lift your spirit by a mile

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