Editing Reality :)
Editing Reality
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A snapshot of time captures a smile

Editing Reality :)

Smiles are frozen on all the faces

Hair brushed back

They strike a pose

There - it's the perfect moment

And so, with a click and a flash

They have created a snapshot of time

Every little imperfection is covered

With a spot of make-up; eye-shadow and mascara

And with a mask of smiles

They've hidden their tears

To create the perfect utopia

And hide all the patches

Conceal life's wear and tear

Now come the filters

The colours, and captions as well

To edit this moment

For this snapshot of time

Must go out into the world

With a simple tap on the screen

The story is published

An innocent photo

That tells a great lie

A lie that sings of perfection

Of happiness and tranquility as well

No one can remove that mask of smiles

Add an emoji, and all should be well

"This is reality," they say

But is it the truth?

No-one can tell . . .

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