Courage is a lion
Courage is a lion lion stories
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Taking your chances
With no backward glances

Courage is a lion

He stretches his legs Eyes glowing like matches He is too proud - he never begs

No mountain is too big for him, no slope too steep He is alert, wide awake Some say he'll never sleep

Courage is a lion Doing what you want, hail, rain or shine Standing up to anything "It's mine, it's mine."

Courage is going out in a storm Hearing the growl of the approaching thunder Feeling the warning wind, humid and warm

Feeling the rain beat on your neck, cold and wet Standing up, though you know you might lose Making a bet

Hearing the wind howl, Uncertainly, blowing leaves this way and that Going out in a storm, knowing that things might go foul

Courage is a lion Courage is taking your chances Seizing every opportunity, taking a gamble With no backward glances

Courage is a lion

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