Take a bite into life..
Take a bite into life.. fun stories
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Take a bite into life..

by passionnvibez

Encourage yourself to come out of the comfort zone..

Every now and then we can be shy its time to let that go.. you don't have be loud !!

Mood Board..

pictures, words, symbolise goals and things you want they help you imagine and focus energy on what you like


you have to learn to create harmony in your vibe, time out allows your mind to calm and think about yourself

Expressive mood board ..

Treasure from the past on display ..provokes memories . Childhood experiences

Stevenage Castle

I love castles, I had a dream about one, .......... one week later I'm here..

Amazing spiritual experience Spain

I had an amazing experience in Spain, I followed my dream and was invited to join a partnership of Spiritual people retreats and healing this is key in my memories.

China Town London

Chinese New Year .. I was invited to post on pencil..(smile) another powerful memory ( year of the Monkey.)

Unconditional Love

daily I support people with mental health issues and my friend is fighting cancer attends uni and is a mum. we love life ..

We are all special ..the shell doesn't show the inside

A day in London with someone special, supporting people with autism

Life is like my Unicorn

You can live in the real world, but its ok to think differently and magic yourself to make it come true

Sport can help everyone feel the same

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