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Just a Vibe..

by passionnvibez

So it started off as a dream, time to build the puzzle

I had all of these things flying around in my head ..

Everything is made up of energy you must learn about life first..!

Multitask.. "no one said it will be easy "

I can be loving ,kind, compassionate and private at the same time who knows what my hearts thinking !

Creating yourself and believe in your dreams...

I have always found myself to be different, raised up around strong boys it took me some time to adopt some of my femine energy , I'm naturally motherly and caring

I had to look at what makes me feel good !

this thing called life..

life's a journey.. learn to be free

I used to ride on the back of a motorcycle .. "free spirit"

my energy loves the idea of speed I've realised my vibration is a natural high..

I wanted to travel my path

Was it time to explore create ,learn, grow explore life

My friend was fighting cancer ..but we stayed inspired

Many years later I'm a fully qualified Holistic therapist support others with cancer, friends,family nurses and more.. you never know what time or hour someone wants to talk ..

Music is Passion for the soul .. its about the vibe..

100 club an exclusive music venue London, bathed in history loved meeting journalist, artists, bloggers,

Everyone wants to be special.

its sad to think the world is full of rejected and abused people, its hard supporting others but also great to see achievements Counselling is more than a word

Sometimes you have to allow one friend to hold your hand

boost your confidence a little.. network and connect with great people. let them feel your energy

Break down the walls...

fear is a wall... its no ego based energy just the idea , you have to let let that down sometimes

I'm very intuitive ...I keep my energy focused..

Wow ..baby you made it happen!

between work, life, and everything else i I completed this and have a high merit now what else can I try

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