Play Me Slowly - Part II
Play Me Slowly - Part II bts stories

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Kai-er and Jin meet yet again. She sits at the bar drinking while he plays the piano. The tune is sultry, romantic and melancholic filling her mind with past memories and possibly… regret.

Play Me Slowly - Part II

His fingers hesitated for a second before continuing to the saddest part of the piece. Beyond his bangs the brown eyes appeared sullen yet passionate.

Kai-er's mouth parted slightly in awe over the sorrowful passion he expressed. It was a message. 'Seok-jin... you still hurt over us.' She realized.

She didn't want to see it, she didn't want to remember it but the music continued to evoke those painful memories she has suppressed for so long.

It is unbearably hurtful to relive the one moment it all ended.

Kai-er lied on the cold wooden floor embracing herself. The tears constantly came out making rivers, she didn't bother to wipe them away. 'Everything hurts.' She winced.

'Why did we deserve this? Why have I always been this way? She was right. Everyone I love leaves me one way or another.' Her nails clawed at the floor.

'This is my fault! I should just die here! I don't want to see him, I can't face him.' She balled her fist and started beating her chest repeatedly.

The front door of the apartment was forced open since it was so old. "I'm home!" Seok-jin excitedly came through holding a blue balloon and a small heart shaped chocolate box.

"Honey?" He found it strange that he didn't receive a response. "Are you home?" The aged wooden floor creaked under his weight as he walked around the small apartment.

He opened the bedroom door, "Kai-er?" His sharp sense picked up on whimpering. Hearing her made his stomach drop immediately feeling a heaviness in the cold room.

"Kai-er?!" Seok-jin approached the bed dropping the chocolate on it and released the blue balloon letting it float to the ceiling. "Where are you?"

'No...' She shut her eyes tight.

Seok-jin got down to his knees peeking under the bed. "Kai-er..." He let out a shaken whisper, his eyes wide and heartbroken.

Her frail figure lied on the floor in the fetal position; her shorts and shirt were soaked in blood. "Kai-er!" He reached out grabbing her arm.

"NO!" She screamed out at the top of her lungs. He was taken aback by the deep anger in her voice and let go of her arm. "...Get out..."

"I'm taking you to the hospital." Seok-jin grabbed her again.

"GET OUT!" Kai-er opened her eyes revealing a deep hatred he has never witnessed from her.

"Get out of my life! I hate you!" She pushed him weakly as he struggled to pull her out from under the bed. "No, let go!"

'I need to get her out of here. We have to go to the hospital! Why doesn't she understand her serious condition?' She continued to struggle against him.

"I said STOP!" She raised her hand slapping him hard across the face. In this moment it felt as if time just stopped and everything went silent.

Seok-jin and Kai-er sat on the floor, silent and still for what felt like an eternity.

Her dark disheveled hair covered her face, she let out a hard shaky breath creating a puff of air in the cold temperature of the house.

She slowly looks over to him seeing blood drip from his cheek, she then looks down at her fingernails seeing blood on them. Tears fell, landing on her pale hands.

After that terrible moment she didn't remember anything else but waking up at the hospital where Seok-jin sat next to her bedside asleep with a patch covering his left cheek.

She noticed how in his sleep he appeared tired, troubled and very sad. The doctor told him what she already knew.

Her eyes welled up. 'I knew I couldn't bear to see him this way. We lost someone dear to us...

someone who hasn't seen the light of day but still knew how we sounded because we talked to him everyday.' She broke down again. "It's my fault. I lost my baby boy." She placed her small hand over her stomach. It was no longer expanded and it no longer moved.

Kai-er knew she was never going to stop crying over him. Even now she cries for her unborn son and so does Seok-jin. She stood there listening, letting her tears continue to fall.

He sat there playing letting his tears drop fall onto the keys. He slows into the piece's final sweet melancholic notes and stops.

The people applauded once more, he sat there motionless before forcing himself to stand and take a bow. He switched with another professional pianist and headed straight for the bar.

Kai-er turned to the door ready to head out but her feet didn't move from that hall, she wiped her tears away and wanted to step out but she just couldn't.

Seok-jin sat at the bar. "The usual Jager." The bartender sighed pouring him a shot of Jagermeister sliding it towards him.

Seok-jin had a what-the-hell-is-this expression that the bartender knew all too well. "Jin, you know that's not a good idea. Why do you make yourself suffer?"

"Just take it out of my paycheck like last time."

He leaned closer eye-to-eye with Jin. "You know that's not what I'm talking about."

Jin gave him a menacing glare before reaching over the counter grabbing an entire bottle. The bartender exasperated, "You're going to kill yourself goddammit."

Seok-jin gulped down the first shot and poured himself another. "That's the idea." The bartender turned away defeated and angry. Jin couldn't be swayed no matter how hard he tried.

Seok-jin didn't realize that standing a few feet away from him was a woman he planned to spend the rest of his life with. The woman he wanted to marry. The woman who conceived his son. The woman that disappeared after everything fell apart.

A young woman with a classy dress and expensive bag noticed Jin sitting a few stools down, she stood up and decided to sit next to him. "Hi." She spoke in a sweet voice.

"I saw you play the piano and I thought the way you played was amazing. You look like a professional. Did you play at a very young age?"

He poured himself another shot. "...Yes." He tone blunt and deep.

She smiled, happy to finally meet a man here who was handsome and mysterious instead of fat and easy. "You don't look like you to talk much." He nodded gulping down his fourth by now.

"Are you seriously going to finish that all by yourself?" She pointed to the brown glass bottle.

Seok-jin finally turned to look at her. "Do you want to join me?" She nodded. He reached for a shot glass from behind the counter and poured their drinks.

They both took the shot, she shivered. "Oh god, it tastes awful!" She quickly called the bartender for water or anything that can take the horrible taste out of her mouth.

Seok-jin chuckled at her reaction as he continued to pour himself shots of it. The girl gulped on her water, finishing it immediately.

"Why the hell would you drink that?" She turned to him with a disgusted face.

He gave her a grimace smirk, "Because I deserve it."

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