Professor Potter Chapter 7: Moaning Myrtle is alive
Professor Potter
Chapter 7: Moaning Myrtle is alive 1977 stories

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Twist! I have never seen any fanfics that Myrtle was resurrected so I think it is fun to do, hope you like it<3
Professor Potter
Chapter 7: Moaning Myrtle is alive

Professor Potter Chapter 7: Moaning Myrtle is alive

"Expelliarmas!" Harry bellowed. Lily whispered, "Priori Incantatem..." Voldemort disapparated with shook. Harry and Lily gasped. Myrtle Elizabeth Warren, known as Moaning Myrtle, the sensitive glost who haunts the girls' bathroom was in front of them, standing and alive. "Moaning Myrtle?" Harry's eyes wided.

Lily was shooked and Myrtle smiled sincerely, a smile Harry and Lily will never forget, a smile they haven't seen before. "Harry, Lily." She greeted. "How do you know me?" Harry whispered. "I was from your time Harry." She gigged. Lily raised her eyebrows, "Your time? You are a time traveler? Who are you? Are you Jam- I mean Potter's son? Grandson?"

Myrtle nodded and Harry nodded back, "I am indeed a time traveler. My name is Harry Potter, not Granger. Granger is my muggle-born best friend's last name. And yes, I am James Potter's son." Lily opened her mouth, closed it, opened it again but no voice came out. "Who's your mother then?" "You of course." Lily stared at his brilliant green eyes which matches her own perfectly.

"I-I married that arrogant toe-rag?" She asked calmly. (Sorry I just have to) "Clearly, Mrs. Potter." A familiar voice spoke behind them. It was James, Sirius and Remus smirking. James had his famous Potter smirk, Sirius gave Remus a high five but Remus ignored it and bit into his dark chocolate. Lily went red and James continued, "Harry there was 21, married, have kids, and a wife."

Harry blushed and James winked. "I have another confession to make. Even Myrtle don't know about it." Harry announced breathlessly. Lily raised her eyebrows, James smirked, Sirius bit his lips and Remus played with his fingers." "I was your-" "MYRTLE?!" Harry was cut off by a screech. Everyone turned around and saw Marlene McKinnon with a tabby cat who turned in Professor McGonagall.

"Who might you be?" McGonagall gripped her wand. "Mrytle Elizabeth Warren, professor," Myrtle said with a high pitched voice. "Moaning Myrtle? She died in 1943!" McGonagall whispered. "Professor, I saw it with my own eyes. It's the Priori Incantatem." Lily smiled.

Marlene pointed her wand at Harry, "Who are you? You look like Potter but with green eyes! I asked Dumbledore and he said you are a muggleborn. I DON'T BELIEVE ANY OF THAT!" Lily rushed to Marlene and tried to calm her down. "Why would you believe him, Lily? He must have put an imperious curse on you!"

Marlene stuggled from Lily. McGonagall took out the storngest truth potion- Veritaserum. She dropped three drops to Harry's mouth. "Who are you, 'Harry Granger'?" She questioned. Marlene stopped stuggling and Lily let go of her. They watched him spoke, "Harry Potter, headmistress." McGonagall eyes wided and smirked a little, "Then Harry Potter, why did you come here?"

"To teach DADA by your orders, headmistress." Marlene's eyeballs almost poke out, Remus chocked on his dark chocolate. Sirius fainted and regained consciousness, James and Lily looked proud. "Then, where are your parents?" "Lily and James Potter, my parents died when I was one by Voldemort." Everyone flinched at the name.

McGonagall sighed and delivered 2 sickles to Dumbledore. "Mom's sister Petunia and her husband took me in when Dumbledore left me on their door step. They enslaved and abused me but never started on their own son Dudley." McGonagall couldn't speak. James cried on Sirius' and Remus' shouders. Lily knelt down sobbing and Marlene felt sorry for them.

"I think the Veritaserum is gone. I am actually an adult, age 21." Harry said causally, "Married, have a god son, and twins." he finished. Suddenly his locket rang and everyone stared curiously. Harry blushed slightly and opened the locklet. "Harry! I miss you, you know?" Ginny started and noticed everyone was there, staring at her.

"Sorry, I forgot to introduce myself. My name is Ginny Weasley-Potter, and- Teddy! Don't you dare!" Teddy peered at the locket, "Uncle Harry, who are those people?" "That's your daddy, Remus Lupin." Remus went scarlet and Teddy's hair went from blue to light brown to match Remus' hair. "The only metamorphmagus I know is- Oh no you didn't Moony! I am going to kill you!"

Sirius chased Remus and Remus rowed his eyes, "Petrificus Totalus" Sirius froze and Teddy laughed. Ginny came back with two babies in her arms. "That is the older brother James Sirius Potter." Harry said as little James chanted, "Lils, Lils!" The younger sister gigled and looked at Harry, "Dada! Dada!" Harry touched the locklet and chuckled, "Good girl, Lils."

Marlene went to unfroze Sirius and patted Harry on the back, "Sorry for accusing you, Grang- Harry." "Is that auntie Marlene?" Teddy tugged Ginny's shirt. Ginny nodded and ruffled his hair, "Mmmhmm, your uncle's parents' friend." Teddy nodded. Ginny glazed around and caught Myrtle glaring at her, "Sorry for throwing the diary though you, Myrtle."

"10 points if it goes through my stomach, 50 points if it goes through my head!" Myrtle shrieked. Harry laughed and shook his head. "What's so funny Prongslet?" James asked. "She said that to me and my best friends at our second year and Gin's first year," Harry explained. "Harry killed a basilisk in his second year!" Ginny exclaimed. Harry blushed red.

"Marlene smiled, "Harry really has his mother's eyes and her personality." "Unlike his pig-like a father." Lily agreed. "I said that when Harry told us," Remus smirked and James punched him on the shoulder playfully. "Well, I have actually had another purpose to stay here." Harry grinned as he said goodbye to his fiance, baby James and Lils, and Teddy. "What is it then?"

McGonagall asked sharply. "Destroy all the Horcruxes and killed Voldemort again so you all could have never died, are you with me?"

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