Professor Potter Chapter 6: Lord Voldemort
Professor Potter
Chapter 6: Lord Voldemort 1977 stories
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Cliff hanger! Sorry I haven't been updating:') Enjoy this part! I wrote 975 words for this-_-
Professor Potter
~Chapter 6: Lord Voldemort

Professor Potter Chapter 6: Lord Voldemort

"Cool," Harry said, lying down on his new bed. "I miss you Gin, James, and Lily..." He murmured quietly and closed his eyes to fall into a deep slumber. A little A/N So before Harry becomes a student, Ginny and he decided it is best to take the kids back to the future so when Harry becomes a student, the others will not be suspicious.

Ginny also took Harry's marauders map and firebolt with her but leave the invisibility cloak with him. They cast a charm on their lockets so when they opened them, they can communicate with each other. Okie let's get back to the chapter. The next morning, Harry woke up early at usual at 6:30. He glazed around the room.

Near the door, his father was fast asleep. Next to the bed was Sirius, who was snoring loudly. Harry looked on his left and there was his late professor, Remus Lupin, the typical chocolate lover. And next to the window, a short boy, who was nearly as tall as him was Peter Pettigrew, the traitor. Harry clenched his fist but calmed down when he glazed softly at the shaking locket.

He made his way to the bathroom and cast a silencing charm on the door. "Harry! How are you, love?" Ginny asked worriedly, holding little James and little Lily. "Lily!Lily!" Baby James chanted. "Dada! Dada!" Baby Lily chanted as well. Harry gasped, "Is that their first word?" Ginny nodded, smiling brightly. "I already miss you love." She sighed.

"Uncle Harry!" The blue-haired fellow ran over. "Hello, Teddy!" Harry said, "I miss you too." Teddy gave him his biggest puppy dog eyes, "Please come back, Uncle Harry!' He brimmed into slight tears. "Sorry Ted, I need to destroy the big bad Voldy's Horcruxes. I will return to you as soon as possible though." They said goodbye and Harry took a shower after.

When he came out, all the marauders except Pettigrew cornered him. "Um, guys?" Harry raised his eyebrows. "Who exactly are you, Harry Potter?" Remus held up the marauder's map and pointed at Harry's spot. Harry paled and knew he had to tell them. "Yes. I am Harry Potter and I am from the future." The others looked in awe and James asked, "Are you me and Lily's son?"

Harry nodded and Sirius and Remus looked shocked. "I will marry Evans! I will marry Ev-" Harry put a hand on his mouth and whispered, "If you say it louder, the whole world can hear you, dad." Remus and Sirius chuckled, "You definitely got Evans' temper." Sirius added. "How old are you, Harry?" Remus asked. "21. Married, have a godson, two babies, and head Auror." Sirius fainted and Remus caught him.

"Can you hear that, Pads and Moonikins? My son is head Auror!" James beamed proudly. Sirius regained his consciousness said dramatically, "wE hEaRd YoU pRoNgSiE." James and Harry rowed their eyes at the same time. "Do you like quidditch Harry?" "Absolutely! Put on the quidditch team in the first week of my first year by Professor McGonagall. I am a seeker."

James and Sirius were in awe again. "Minnie bent the rules?" Remus asked amused. "Nah, they just really need a seeker and I caught a 50-foot dive," Harry said shyly, blushing red and not trying to be arrogant or something. "Harry got Lily's personality." Remus remarked, "Not like his pig-like father." Sirius, Remus, and Harry snorted in laughter while James pretended to be offended.

"Back to your life, Harry. How are we?' James asked suddenly. "Well... YouandmomwerekilledbyvoldywhenIwasone." "Sorry? I didn't catch that." "YOU AND MOM WERE KILLED BY VOLDY WHEN I WAS ONE OKAY?" Harry bellowed, holding back his tears. "I am sorry Harry." James hugged him. "Sirus was in Azkaban because of Pettigrew's betrayal."Harry snarled with all the anger and venom inside him.

"Wormtail? No!" Sirius cried as Remus hugged him. "But he broke out of Azkaban when I was in my third year. Remus was my DADA professor." Sirius gasped dramatically, "Moony is a professor?" "Anyway, when you died... well in the battle of the department of mysteries," Harry said sadly. "Paddy!" James wailed. "Remus died at the Battle of Hogwarts alongside Nymphadora Tonks. His wife."

Harry smirked. Sirius looked like he was ready to murder and Remus' eyes widened. "You have a son, well my godson named Edward Remus Lupin." James made a gagging noise as Harry continued, "But he prefers Ted or Teddy. He is also a metamorphmagus, not a werewolf." Remus relaxed. "What about your wife and two children?" Sirius and James smirked.

"Well, my wife is Ginny Weasley-Potter. My firstborn is James Sirius Potter-" Harry was cut off by James and Sirius victory dance. "And my second born is Lily Luna Potter." They looked confused, "Who is Luna?" Remus asked. "She is the daughter of Xenophilius Lovegood and Pandora Lovegood. And a close friend of mine."

Harry scratched his head, "I think I tell enough. I need to take care of something." He walked off because he caught a piece of paper for him. I know your real identity, I will expose you if you don't come to the Whomping Willow~ Lord Voldemort Harry clutched the paper and kissed his locket.

He dashed down to the Whomping Willow and saw a snake-like man with piercing red eyes. "Well, well. Isn't the great Harry Potter?" He snarled. "Right you are, Riddle." Voldemort seemed a little taken by that name and he said, "Who's that girl you bring, Potter?" Harry looked behind him and saw his mother- Lily Evans.

"Harry, what is going on?" "I am here, don't worry." Harry stepped in front of his paled mother. "There's a thin line between bravery and stupidity, Potter." He sneered. "Avada Kedvra!" "Expelliarmas!" Harry bellowed. Lily whispered, "Priori Incantatem..."

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