Professor Potter Chapter 4: The Truth
Professor Potter
Chapter 4: The Truth 1977 stories

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Professor Potter
~Chapter 4: The Truth~

Professor Potter Chapter 4: The Truth

"Can you keep a secret?" "Yes!" The marauders and Lily replied eagerly in the union. "Well spill." James' eyes were sparkling with excitement. "Well... we're from the future," Harry informed them. "You what?!" Lily gasped loudly, waking baby Lily.

"Sorry, Lils." She wiped baby Lily's tears off her tear-stained face. "What- who are you really?" Remus stammered. "I am curious as well." James suddenly spoke up. "I am your son, Prongs," Harry said as Ginny sat up, resting on Harry's lap. "Bloody hell Prongs, you have a son!" Sirius whispered dramatically.

James turned red and Remus teased, "Never in my life I saw James Fleamort Potter blushed!" James gave Remus and Sirius a friendly punch and asked Harry, "Who is your mother, Harry?" "Severus Snape." Harry joked sarcasticly. James and Sirius looked in horror and Lily and Remus laughed and said, "Tell us, Harry!"

"Fine, fine. drumroll please! Lily Potter nee Evans!" Harry smirked. "NO! I will never marry that arrogant toe rag!" Lily whispered loudly, scared to wake baby Lils. "Aw! But you looooovve me." James pretended to be sad. "Well, who is she?" Remus pointed at Ginny. "Ginevra Molly Weasley." She said shortly. "Only daughter of Molly and Arthur Weasley."

"Wow. Who do Moony and I end with then?" Sirius asked excitedly. "You were single and Remus was married to Nymphadora Tonks." Harry chuckled as he saw his godfather's face fell and Remus' face lit up. "You married my little cousin Nymphie?! She is just 5 and you are 17! You're dead, Moonikins!" Sirius put baby James in Harry's arms and tried to attack him.

"Don't worry, Tonks wanted the relationship. Besides, they have a son called Teddy." Harry said as he calmed Sirius and started cradling the crying baby James. "Teddy? Unique name." Lily remarked. "Actually, his name is Edward Remus Lupin. You made me his godfather before you um..." Harry said uncomfortably. "... died." He shivered.

Ginny and Lily hugged him. "Did I?" He asked quietly. "Yes, very bravely. At the Battle of Hogwarts. You and Tonks were holding hands when you both died." Harry smiled sadly. James punched Remus playfully and Remus took out a chocolate bar and chewed it nervously. Lily's green eyes shone brightly and Sirius looked amused. "Wanna see my memories?" I asked them.

"Yeah!" "I am going to pass Harry. I am going to take care of baby James and Lily with Professor McGonagall." Ginny said as she stood up and apparated out. Typical Gin, Harry thought as he led the 17 years olds to his office. "Accio Pensive," Harry said, pointing at the table as the pensive came flying in. "Wowww, never in my life I have seen a pensive!" Remus grinned excitedly.

"I know right?! It's incredible. I read it somewhere it's-" "Get on with it, Prongslet." James snorted, earning a death glare from Lily. Harry grinned happily at the nickname his father gave him and put his memories in a pensive. It was a stormy night. "Lily, take Harry and go! It's him! I'll hold him off!" James yelled wandlessly.

Lily held Harry and ran upstairs but heard Voldemort snarled, "Avada Kedavra!" Lily put Harry in his crib and said, "Mama loves you, Dada loves you. Be safe, stay strong Harry." Just as Voldemort came in, Lily pleaded, "Not Harry, please no, take me, kill me instead —" "This is my last warning —" "Not Harry! Please... have mercy... have mercy... Not Harry! Not Harry! Please — I'll do anything..."

Lily begged him to stand between Harry and the dark lord. "Avada Kedavra!" Lily screamed in pain and laid dead on the floor. "Avada Kedavra!" The spell bounced of Harry and Voldemort vanished. There was nothing left but a lighting scar and a tear-stained baby Harry. Lily was resting on James' shoulder, crying. James was in tears along with Remus and Sirius.

"PRONGIE, YOU AND EVANS CAN'T DIE THAT YOOOOUNGGGGG..." Sirius wailed loudly and luckily Harry put a charm in the room so people couldn't hear them. Remus looked over to Harry, who was wearing earbuds and looking away. Remus gently took them off and gave him a chocolate bar, "It helps." he said thoughtfully. Harry took a bite and smiled sadly.

"You mean we aren't with you, Harry? How old are you? I am so sorry, Harry." I embraced my mother and father, "I was one, but it's none of your faults, it's just your secret keeper Pettigrew." Harry gritted his teeth. "And by the way, why didn't I make Sirius my secret keeper?" James asked, heartbroken by Pettigrew's actions.

Sirius beamed and turned into Padfoot and curled next to Harry. Harry went to his third-year memories. "Only one will die tonight." Sirius laughed like a madman. "And it is going to be you!" Harry grabbed Sirius and pointed his wand at him. "Expelliarmus!" Remus came in, disarming Harry and Hermione. Harry let go of Sirius and Remus and Sirius embraced.

"I knew it! I knew we shouldn't trust you! You are a werewolf!" Hermione grabbed her wand tightly and angrily. "You're really the brightest witch in your age, Hermione." Hermione flushed slightly at the compliment and Harry shouted, "But that doesn't change the fact you killed my parents!" James, Sirius, and Lily flinched and Harry shot Sirius an apologetic look.

"I didn't kill your parents Harry, it's that dirty rat from the Ginger," Sirius said angrily as he approached Scabbers. "Come out, come out Pettigrew!" He caught a rat that was sneaking out and forced him out of his animagus. "I am sorry! I just don't want to die!" Pettigrew squeaked. "I rather die than betraying Lily and James!"

Sirius smiled and curled into James' lap. "Thank you silly dog." James ruffled Padfoot's hair and continued watching how Harry stopped Sirius and Remus from actually committing a crime. They watched from the Triwizard tournament to the Department of mysteries. Get away from my godson, Malfoy." Sirius punched Malfoy.

Harry turned away from the memory and put his earbuds back on. "I guess this is bad," Lily remarked as she continued resting on James' shoulder. James nodded and planted a soft kiss on Lily's forehead. Madeye Moody, Nymphadora Tonks, Remus Lupin, and Kingsley Shaklebolt came to the rescue. "Nice one James!" Sirius said as Harry disarmed Malfoy.

"Avada Kedavra!" Bellatrix Lestrange shouted and the curse hit Sirius. He floated lifelessly to the veil. Harry screamed in pain and Remus held him. Harry fought it off and ran after Lestrange. "I killed Sirius Black!" She snickered. "Crucio!" Harry shouted as she yelped in pain. "Itty bitty baby Potter, you get to mean it. Kill me." She snarled. Harry just glared at her and Voldemort...

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