Professor Potter?! ~Chapter 1: To the Past!~
Professor Potter?!

~Chapter 1: To the Past!~ hinny stories
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I just copied my wattpad version of this fanfic here lol. Check out my wattpad account:
Chapter 1: To the Past!

Professor Potter?! ~Chapter 1: To the Past!~

Harry woke up at six-thirty, getting ready for work. He was 21 and the head Auror. He kissed his wife Ginny on the forehead, said goodbye to Teddy. Then an owl dropped a letter for him so he opened it up. To Mr. H. J. Potter, How are you? I suppose you're confused. You must come to Hogwarts immediately!

I will explain later. Oh and also bring important stuff with you. -Minerva McGonagall Weird, Harry thought as he floo to Hogwarts with his firebolt, invisibility cloak, and a locket he was given by Ginny on their 1st anniversary. When Harry arrived, McGonagall was waiting for him. "There was a professor named Professor Potter in 1977. It's you."

Harry was shocked and speechless. "I thought I am gonna do some aurorish job," he muttered quietly. "What am I going to teach, professor?" "Defense Against the Dark Arts of course." she smiled. Harry nodded, "I accept." Minerva started to tear up when he got the time turner. "Minerva? You will always be my favorite professor."

Harry stated and gave her a pat on the back. Then with his things, he was gone to 1977. Harry looked around and saw Dumbledore. "P-p-professor D-d-dumbledore?" Harry whispered and tears forming and tickling down his face. "Yes. First, who are you? Second, why are you crying? Third, how did you get here."

Harry explained everything and said, "Professor, I will need to obliviate everyone after this year." He nodded and said, "Call me Albus, Harry. You're hired. your room's password is Lemon Drops. Harry gave him a sad smile and exited Dumbledore's office. A boy bumped to him and said, "Sorry!" A girl with red hair and green eyes scolded him, "Potter! That is the new professor!"

Then she turned to Harry when he got up, "I am so sorry professor for Potter's behavior!" "It's fine, Miss Evans." Lily gasped, "How did you know my name?" Oops, Harry thought. "It's fine, Miss Evans." Lily gasped, "How did you know my name?" Oops, Harry thought. "You are the head girl and boy of the school." he lied.

"You're so young," James stated and Lily slapped his arm. "Ouch! Evans, that hurts." Harry chuckled, "I am 21." "That means you're the youngest teacher we have! You're Professor?" "Professor Potter," Harry said and hurried down the hall. Lily looked surprised and James' shocked.

"Listen, everyone, we have a new Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher, Professor Potter!" Harry stood up nervously, not wanting the attention. He waved awkwardly and sat back down. "Let the feast begin!" Harry laid his eyes on the Marauders. They were shocked.

Peter was busy eating, Remes looked concerned. he was a handsome young man, or should he said wolf? He glazed at Sirius- his former godfather who was whispering to his father James Potter. "Good morning class. I am your new Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher. My name is Harry Potter. You may call me Professor Potter in class and Harry out."

Harry started, "And no, I don't have any relationship to James Potter." he finished, looking guilty. Some girls were batting their eyes at Harry, and some boys just rowed their eyes. Marlene nudged Lily and whispered, "The new teacher is hot." Lily nodded and whispered back, "I don't date teachers Mar."

"Miss Evans and Miss McKinnons, please focus here." Harry said disappointingly, "10 points from Griffindor." "HARRY JAMES POTTER!!! YOU LISTEN TO ME RIGHT NOW! BED EMPTY, NO NOTE, INVISIBILITY CLOAK GONE. YOU LEFT ME FOR A STUPID JOB AT HOGWARTS?!" Ginny screamed as she stormed into the classroom.

James POV "HARRY JAMES POTTER!!! YOU LISTEN TO ME RIGHT NOW! BED EMPTY, NO NOTE, INVISIBILITY CLOAK GONE. YOU LEFT ME FOR A STUPID JOB AT HOGWARTS?!" a crazy pregnant lady stormed into the classroom. Professor Potter looked paled but said steadily," Um class, this is my wife Ginny."

His middle name was my first name? That's so suspicious. Many girls sighed because I think they were disappointed that Professor Potter was married. I mean he was just 21! I looked at Professor Potter and he told his wife to rest because she was pregnant then he taught us how to produce a Patronus.

It was so weird, a boggart dementor came out and we heard a woman's scream and saw a green light. "EXPECTO PATRONUM!!" the professor yelled. A sliver stag like mine appeared and the boggart disappeared. "Think of your happiest memories." "That's easy." Peter squeaked. Harry's POV My blood started boiling when Pettigrew started talking.

Calm down Harry, he hasn't done anything yet. I saw Ginny gave me a worried look and I nodded at her. He was killed by his own mistakes. "Not quite, Pettigrew." I snared. He squeaked in fright and Ginny shot me a comforting look. "I couldn't do it for an hour," I stated, remembering my former professor Lupin teaching me. After class, I took Ginny to my room to take a nap.

Third-person The Marauders ran out of the classroom and James suggested, "Why don't we prank Harry?" "I mean sure, new teachers are always the best to prank." Sirius chuckled. Little did they know, Harry heard every single word. Harry put on his invisibility cloak and said, "I suggest you don't mess with me, Mr. Potter and Mr. Black."

Both of the boys jumped in surprised. "How?" James wondered. "Because, Mr. Potter, you are not the only one with an invisibility cloak. Now, hand over the map." "What map?" Sirius asked innocently. Harry sighed and called sleepily," Accio Marauder's Map." The map flew out of James' pocket to Harry's hands.

"Please give it back professor, this is the love of my life." Sirius pleaded, kneeling on the floor dramatically. He faked cried and James patted him on the back. Harry, on the other hand, was trying so hard not to laugh and told them sternly," Will you do anything for your map?" Both boys nodded.

"Great! Meet me at the Forbidden Forest at 7 pm sharp with Remus Lupin and Lily Evans." Harry walked back to Ginny with a grin on his face.

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