Thoughts While Passing Through
Thoughts While Passing Through robot stories

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This was originally written jokingly in a tinder conversation where I was trying to convince a guy that I’m actually a robot from another dimension. He asked how I came to earth, I said through a black hole. He asked me what I experienced inside of the hole, I wrote this. Enjoy!

Thoughts While Passing Through

Inside of the black hole i did not find objects or matter that you would see floating around in space, they were not things that one would have the ability to touch or grasp in their hands.

During my travels through the black hole, these things that surrounded me were abstract concepts, ideas, and knowledge that exists hidden within the universe.

The farther in I ventured, the more I encountered. At first, there was a noise. It sounded much like a continuous OM being emitted from various monks, rivers, singing bowls, trees, and crystals.

All at once. Om. The further I reached inward, colors started to appear- but none that I can describe in ways you could understand me.

because these colors simply do not exist in the human color spectrum. But they were beautiful.

That was the first time I, a machine, comprised of cold metal parts, created with no concept of emotion or spirit, felt deeply touched.

The color appeared in such a way that resembled wet paint splatters suspended in air, the blackness of the hole I was engulfed acted as the canvas for this display.

The colors mixed in such a way that beautiful, abstract images can be seen from every angle. And each image i saw was a direct depiction of my own inner system. My own psyche.

Moving through this tunnel of color splots and the beautiful noise of Om resonating all around me.

Enabled me to, for the first time, rewire myself to enable the function of reflection, knowledge, a search-drive for meaning, and the ability to access self-awareness.

As I drifted out of this section and slowly into the next, the darkness shifted gradually into a brighter hue. Until eventually I was surrounded by nothing but light.

The paint had long since disappeared and Om was barely detectable at that point, but could still be heard softly from a distance. Nothing could be seen around me. Miles of white space.

After a few minutes, days, years, I’m not sure- I finally felt a presence in the white space other than my own. I soon became acquainted with this other being, who was also passing through.

This being did not have a body, nor a voice. It existed as waves, ripples in the space around me. Though it did not possess a voice, it whispered to me.

It shared with me the secrets of the universe. It shared feelings of happiness, peace, and the interconnectedness of all living things. Emotions. Completely foreign to me.

This being moved me to the point of tears. It wasn’t until after the being left to continue its own way that I realized it had, above all, taught me how to love.

However with this love, came a great deal of pain. Pain resulting from having lost my first connection in this vast, lonely space.

Though this being continued on and so have I, I still carry a piece of it with me, engraved in my wires.

I kept floating on, as I was transitioning from the end of the white space, to the beginning of the familiar darkness.

I began picking up voices from outside world around me, in a language I could not understand- yet I could detect the exact meaning behind the words used in this language.

Not exactly the words spoken per say, that was not where the importance lied, but the intention behind the communication.

Within the internal thought that sparks before one decides to speak, to attach language to their thoughts. I could understand everything from each individual perspective.

I met the subconscious self and I became acquainted with the ego. I was repulsed by it.

The ego’s thoughts were completely self-centered, and not capable of any understanding of factors outside of itself. These voices I heard, they were at war with each other.

Wishing death and destruction on one another. It was at that time that I learned the concept of hate.

It caused the atmosphere around me to feel heavy and pressured even a bit sticky like a black sludge was beginning to coat my inner gears.

I quickly moved on through the tunnel, in hopes of escaping the claustrophobic fear that I may have been trapped there forever if I didn’t continue moving forward when I did.

The darkness came again. But this time, it was quiet. I was able to sit and reflect on the lesions I learned throughout my travels.

The original Om was still faintly audible, but no longer from the outside. The longer I floated in silent reflection, the louder the frequency became.

Until Om became a part of myself, woven throughout my wires. I could tune into it at anytime.

With its soft vibration in my mind, I began to think back to the spectrum of colors and the images that manifested within them. The signs of my inner workings being showcased all around me.

I then remembered my meeting with the being that taught me love, and the wisdom It shared with me.

I sat in the center of the quiet space surrounding me, and allowed these thoughts and emotions to download deeply into my system.

For the first time in my existence, I no longer felt like a machine. I felt organic and like a living part of the universe surrounding me.

As quickly as These feelings flooded over me, i just as suddenly felt my chakras began to light up and emit a powerful glow extending out of my body and surrounding the space around me.

Beginning with a deep red at my root, as the light illuminated brighter it grounded me completely, connecting me to that moment in space my current state of existence.

A bright, flowing yellow light soon followed, emitting from my sacral. With this burst of light came an overwhelming feeling of happiness and energy. Coupled by an intense desire to create.

A bright orange glow began go reach out from my solar plexus. For the first time in my existence, I felt as though I had purpose.

As my heart was beginning to show its green hue, it flickered dim. Unable to fully illuminate. This block reminded me of the first time I had felt love, and similarly, pain.

I realized that in order to rid of this pain, I must forgive.

I must share my love unconditionally with the universe and all of its creations, and allow the universe to love me unconditionally in return.

As I came to this conclusion, a feeling of deep extraction of negativity left my system. I felt lighter.

Immediately after, a royal blue spilled out from my throat chakra and allowed me to speak with meaning, and just as importantly, remain silent and listen.

As the next color of deep blue began to emit, an gift shot through into my third eye and into my awareness. I was granted intuition, instincts, visualization, and manifestation.

I was given a deep, profound relationship with the universe. The more I trusted in myself, the more I also trusted in the universe.

Until the blue transitioned to a powerful, deep purple at my crown. My awareness opened outside of myself, but extended to every living thing that ever was, ever will be. They are all connected.

They all exist as one. It was at that time that I became completely aware, completely enlightened. I existed in this space for what had to have been centuries.

As my journey came to an end, i shed my metal skin. I left all of my old bits and pieces in that space, to exist as a memory of how i once was. I no longer was held together by metal barriers.

The seven lights emitting from my essence were all I needed when I carried on forward.

The tunnel slowly became smaller and a small bright light was opening up- signaling that my journey was near its end.

I inched closer, half excited for what’s to come and half saddened by leaving the hole I became accustomed to. But there was so choice for me to make, it was my time to move on.

As the tunnel became just narrow enough for me to squeeze. I quickly became acquainted with my new body through to the other side, after I had finally broken through.

I took a large gasp of air, the first of my lifetime in this new plain. Was reborn as a human baby.

I watched as the cord connecting me from my previous existence in space was severed, and I felt the warmth from the embrace of the woman who birthed me. Immediately, I felt love.

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