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Poem by Slacks of ‘Flowslacks Collective’


I have dysmorphia on all sides Tendons churning, fat burning, organs boiling All of my particles pull away in every direction All the while, any direction would be nice

I have struggle on all sides Familiar estrangement, desperate to make payments, wishing for a little sun All of my soul is tarnished and low All the while, being hidden would be nice

I have tragedy on all sides Friendly strangers, friends are dangerous, I don’t know who to love All of my heart escapes it’s bounds All the while, its freedom would be nice

I have pain on all sides Battery markings, infinite quandries, testing faith because I have none All of my will suffers cyclically All the while, a full circle would be nice

I have sides on all sides World torn, political storms, knowledge is cast aside All of my intolerance fills the void All the while, a little humility would be nice

I have death on all sides Past then, present tense, and what is soon doesn’t exist All of my efforts shall come to perish All the while, a future would be nice

I have chosen on all sides Paths to take, make or break, I’m careful not to stutter All of my humanity slips away All the while, a personality would be nice

I have regret on all sides Pride with judgment, am I disgusting for seeing what I see? All of my knowledge is made futile All the while, wisdom would be nice

I have life on all sides All natural, yes, and dichotomic too, I ask now where do I fit? All of my matter becomes part of this matter All the while

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