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Since our eyes locked

I've been fighting for air

My unfixable heart

You've seemed to repair

You fit the cliche

Blonde hair blue eyes

Sappy love songs

I grew to despise

Until the day

You came into view

Now every word

Revolves around you

You had me wrapped

Around your little finger

But the scent of another

Began to linger

I thought she had more

Than you have to give

My little cliche

Took my will to live

6 years down

I still can't forget

The feelings I felt

The instant we met

I sit alone

And you've moved on

Thank God you're happy

After what I did wrong

Please just keep

Your shy bright smile

You probably forgot

It's been quite a while

But I'll never forget

The choices I made

I hate cliche's

I should have stayed

I've never moved on

And don't think I will

Waiting on impact

Falling for you still

I've never had another

They won't compare

To that cute squeaky laugh

And cliche blonde hair

You're off at college

A million miles away

Stealing space in my heart

Still to this day

The crying is done

No tears left to drop

All I want

Is regret to stop

I know that you

Forgive and forget

So why can't I

Forgive myself yet

What I would give

To be 15 again

Waiting with you

For Spring Break to begin

This time though

I won't leave your side

My cliche high school sweetheart

My future blushing bride

Still to this day

I wait for a shot

To give you my all

That's all I've got

6 years down

My confidence beams

I'm still your someone

In cliche dreams

I have enough room

In this Queen size bed

For you to rest

Your pretty head

Instead I lay

Cold and alone

Wondering if you

Pick up your phone

Stare at my name

Debating to dial

Cliche first lines

"Wow it's been a while!"

All in all

I just hope you're okay

I know I'm not

But what can I say

My selfish actions

Caused my distress

How I long for

One tender caress

My true feelings

I wish that you knew

One last cliche

I'll only love you

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