F. U. B.
F. U. B. clever stories
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parrisgogh Art is my reason of life.
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F. U. B.

by parrisgogh

Freedom of negativity always kept us intact.

Until, our time came to face that fact.

Cynical thinking always proved us humans selfish.

Knowing of the lies we've embellished.

Yet, we still try to cover up the truth.

Overestimating, so we can live forever in our youth.

Unconditionally loving no matter what.

Because we were content, thinking we had someone who we could trust.

Irrelevant conversations tie up true friendships.

The things that were said made us sound like little shits.

Consoled words of the kindhearted were always nice to hear.

Honestly, becoming less used because people are afraid to shed a tear.

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