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parochan 22. I live for the Romanticism! ^ω^
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Today's prompt- Ocean! Here's an old poem that I wrote three years ago!

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Ocean // A Chaos

Ahoy! Sailor,

I live here, in this ocean

That defines my limits and boundaries.

And even though my ocean

Defines its own fathomless vastness

And its own bottomless depths,

I do not drown-

For I struggle to stay afloat

On a swaying boat.

And oh sailor,

Do you remember

How my mother fed me

Her salty sweat

And my father brought me

His favourite shells?

And sailor, do you remember

How my broken fins had given away

And a little, rounded pebble

Sang me the most peaceful rhapsody

That serenaded my lonely way?

Oh how would you remember,

Dear sailor?

How would you remember

My happier, merrier times

When my ocean stank of stillness

And I prayed for a stone

To make a million ripples?

And ripple it did.

All it took was a bottle of whiskey

And the next moment

Was a thunderstorm.

Shouts and screams ensued-

Loud and thundering screams.

High tides rose and

Pushed away the weeds, the lives

And slapped the ships

Against the rocks.

And then, all went silent.

My mother, she wept in her salty trenches,

The rounded pebbles hid

Behind the bigger fishes,

And I was silenced.

Because in the ocean

Only Poseidon matters,

Not the lives.

Ahoy! Sailor,

I live here, in my ocean.

And no,

This is not how we fishes

Give our salutations.

Because fishes are never taught to speak.

They are taught to fear.

And so was I.


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