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Chapter six: Performance and a fight

The Ace

Chapter six: Performance and A fight

When Kamilla and Jay went back to Jay's house he slams the door

Jay: Why you could not call me?

Kamilla: I was busy.

Jay: Now you trying to not care

Kamilla: When I said that

Jay: You know Venezuela is a dangerous country now great job of playing it off

Kamilla rolled her eyes

Jay: you think you be safe but you were born in a dangerous country

Kamilla was about to have a flashback

Jay: I just care about you

Kamilla screamed

Kamilla: Heaven, Rebecca, Layla no

Jay: Kamilla

He catches Kamilla right before she fainted

Jay: Sh*t what have I done

Jay calls 911 and called the people she came with

- At the Hospital-

Liah: What happened Jay

Jessi: Exactly what happened

Until they saw Kamilla being rushed into the Ememercy room

Liah hit Jay's head

Liah: What the hell happened

Doctor: Hi I am Doctor. Kim do anyone knows what happened or why she ended up like this and what's her name

Jay: Her name is Kamilla Kim- Carlos, she is 18, what happened was

After he told everything that happened Liah almost slapped Jay but Minsik hold her back

Minsik: Calm down Liah

Liah was almost about to cry until she felt Minsik's embrace and she calms down

Minutes later

Doctor: So she needs a brain scan

Jessi: A what

Liah: A brain scan like a CT or MRI scan

Hours later

Doctor: Yes thank you and you guys can go into her room but she is not awake yet and we have done the CT Scan

Jay: Okay thank you

They went into Kamilla room

Liah moved out of Minsik's grip to hug Kamilla

Kamilla wakes up to bright lights

Kamilla: Hey Liah and she hugs Liah

Doctor: So we did a scan

Kamilla: So what is it

The doctor showed Kamilla brain

Jay: Okay and?

Doctor: You did not let me finish

Jessi: So what does this means

Doctor: She has PTSD

Kamilla: Is that...

Doctor: Post-traumatic stress disorder

Ptsd meaning if no one knows A disorder in which a person has difficulty recovering after experiencing or witnessing a terrifying event.

Liah: What happened that day

Kamilla was talking about that day

Years ago in Venezuela when Kamilla was 7 years old

Rebecca: Can't wait for school photos Kamilla: Me too what about you Layla and heaven Heaven: They about to start Layla: Yay lets go

After school photos

Teacher: Here you go school photos

Until gas covered up the photo

And gunshots had started firing

One had hit Rebecca in the chest Anther one in heaven head and Layla side

And Kamilla was the only one to make it out

present day

Liah, Jessi, Jay, and Minsik hugged her

Kamilla: I will be okay

And Kamilla got up

Liah: Lets go

After they left the room

Kamilla had gotten dressed

And all of them left

at the performance backstage

Jay: Will you be okay Kamilla: Yea thanks for asking

Right before Kamilla went on stage Jay turned her around Kamilla: Yes Jay Jay crashes his lips onto Kamilla and Kamilla responds Jay lifts her and Kamilla giggles Kamilla: I have a performance Jay: I know maybe we could let them-

Kamilla: Wait, no you could have me if you behave Jay: I will Kamilla whispers into his ear Kamilla: I like you and Kamilla left to go to the stage

Jay: You like me After Kamilla came backstage Jay hug her behind Jay: I like you to Kamilla Jay kisses her neck Kamilla turns her head to the side to give him more room

Jay's hand goes down her chest Kamilla: I have to go back out Jay stops Jay: okay then

Kamilla left backstage and did not see Liah

Aera: Oh haha the ugly is here

Mya: What made you come back to South Korea

Kamilla: Look I am not here for your mess now move

Aera slaps her Aera: You think you can speak to me like that

Everyone stops at their tracks Jay ran up to Kamilla including Jessi, Liah, and Minsik Cheetah: What the f*ck is this sh*t leave her alone

Cheetah was behind Kamilla

Aera grabbed Kamilla by her hair and started dragging her

Until Liah ran up and pushed Aera and Liah and Aera ended up in a fight

Cop: Break it up

And they did

But everyone knew that Aera and Mya had started the fight

Jessi: Liah you're okay Liah: YEA I KNOW Cheetah: I really did not know you can fight Liah: Suprise now you know

Jay ran to Kamilla to see if she is okay Kamilla: I am okay and Thanks liah Liah: You welcome

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