Mole People By: Parker Woody
                   Mole People 

            By: Parker Woody horror stories
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My experience with Mole People

Mole People By: Parker Woody

These creatures live under ground, making tunnels with the hands and eating the dirt. They move at incredible speed, and seem to have super human strength.

They have the shape of a human, with legs, torso, arms, and a head, but their skin is something of a burn victim. Their mouth is round, with razor sharp teeth, no eyes, and no hair.

They dont speak like us, but do seem to be able to communicate with grunts and a high pitched squeal. I know these things because I have encountered them first hand.

I was a young man, maybe 12 or 13. My family was very wealthy and we lived in a manson, on over 100 acres of land.

Growing up, I was always told, "when your 12, you can do this, that, or whatever" but nothing had changed, my mother seemed to never let me out of her sight.

So one night, I had planned in advance, that when everyone went to sleep, I'd go camping alone to prove I was able to do things on my own.

I grabbed my items, grabbed my lantern, and made my way to the tree line on our property. Looking back at our mansion to make sure noone had detected me, and started my adventure.

It was a clear night, not a cloud in the night sky, making the it seem to glow with little burning lights in the sky.

Shadows falling through the trees, giving the area a somber look, but I loved it. I spot an opening close to a mound and set up my tent and begin to gather fire wood.

I figured no better place for firewood, the mound being full of twigs and wood.

As I begin reaching for smaller twigs, I hear a rustling sound, and before I could react my arm was yanked by a hand so powerful I thought it pulled my arm out of its socket.

Being pulled through tunnel after tunnel, clothes being ripped, eyes unable to keep up with the speed to even process what is happening,

I assume we went deeper and deeper because it became pitch black, then I was released. I hear a sound of whatever had dragged me here, continue deeper into the tunnel.

We had taken lefts, rights, gone straight for I dont know how long. I had no idea what to do.

My adrenaline pumping through me from the excitment, body sore from being dragged, and arm throbbing. Unable to see and hearing alien sounds in the distance, I began to cry.

To be continued..

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