Clarence Willard Jr - Part 1 By: Parker Woody
       Clarence Willard Jr - Part 1

             By: Parker Woody story stories

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The life of Clarence Willard

Clarence Willard Jr - Part 1 By: Parker Woody

My mother waits at the train station for her husband who has been looking for work the past 4 months. She holds me, a 1 month old, feeling so many emotions, she can barely containe herself.

Excited, to hug and kiss her husband, nervous, knots in her stomach hoping for the best and that he arrives with good news, and wondering what the future holds for them, and her child.

America still feeling the effects of the great depression, its 1935 and she wants nothing but the best for her child. The train finally comes to a stop. Tears of joy are already beginning to swell in her eyes.

As the people begin to depart the train, the crowd grows larger by the second, then the incoherent sounds of people talking all at once.

She stands on her tiptoes trying to see over everyones heads, all wearing the same looking hat, to try, in vain, to find her husband. As she does this, scanning the crowd, she sees 2 police officers walking towards her.

Not paying any attention to them, she continues to scan, but as they get closer, she focuses her sight on them, and notices her husband is walking behind them.

His face looking serious, and completely absent of joy, her stomach feels like its flipped upside down. Not knowing what to expect, she stands in silence as they approach her.

Her husband, gives her a half smile, looks at me, and he grabs at me. This not seeming strange to my mother because he hasn't laid eyes on their son yet, she let's my father hold me.

As she releases me, she asks, "Clarence, why are these officers here?" He looks at her, with no emotion and asks,"Did you name him after me like I asked?" She has a look of confusion, but answers, "Of course, his name is Clarence Willard Jr." He looks down at me, smiles, looks back at my mother, with no expression, turns and walks away.

My mother in complete shock, then realised that he was getting back on the train.

She screams for him to stop and begins to try and run after him, but the police restrained her, not letting her pass. "Where is he taking my baby?!" My mother cries out to the officers.

"Sorry ma'am, we are not at liberty to say. All we know is he is taking the child, and divorcing you. The courts seeing you have no means of providing for the child, decided he is the suitable guardian." Mother collapsed to ground, tears already pouring from her eyes. Feeling hopeless, anger, hate.

The realization that she was powerless made her want to leap from her own body. She had no idea where her husband was taking me, but she would not stop searching until she found me.

To be continued...

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