A Dying Mans Last Words By: Parker Woody
    A Dying Mans Last Words 

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The Dying Mans Last Words

A Dying Mans Last Words By: Parker Woody

I've said and done many things in my life. If I said I gave it my all, I'd be a liar. I'm dieing so I have no time to waste, so nothing but honest truth.

I only truly cared for 2 things in my life. 1 was money and 2 was instant self gratification.

I've had small glimpses of what true happiness could have been through my life, but was never able to sustain that happiness.

For every dollar I made, I needed 2 more, for every lover I had, there was always another. For every drink, drug, or toy, there was always something better, constantly chasing that high.

If you learn nothing from this dying mans last words, please learn this. Sustain your happiness through love, love for others, before yourself.

Love as much, and as hard as you can for as long as you can. Never stop moving, keep one foot in front of the other, and never look back.

I must go now, I've got one last appointment I cant be late for. -The Dying Mans Last Words

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