80s Story Part 1 By: Parker Woody
              80s Story Part 1

             By: Parker Woody fight stories

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80's stories (RATED "R") some may find offensive, please read with caution

80s Story Part 1 By: Parker Woody

Dancing, drinking, having a good time. Music is sounding right, and the substance I just snorted earlier has got my senses in overdrive.

I'm feeling like the baddest man alive, and I've got the looks, and the moves to back it up.

I had came to the club with my friends, Mark and Frank, but after an hour or 2, we're all doing our own thing.

Once we had that booger sugar in our system, all we cared about was women and dancing.

I'm out on the dance floor, cutting a rug to "Rock Steady" by The Whispers with a fine honey from our college I had been seein and one of her friends.

Frank all of a sudden runs up to me on the dance floor and tells me Mark is outside about to get the shit beat out of him by some rednecks.

"Why arent you with him!?" I say/ask as I'm headed to the door, removing my shirt, and slip on shoes I had just bought the day before.

I see Mark, circled up by 5 hillbillies, making homophobic remarks to him. I walk past 2 of em to get next to Mark, "What's the problem here?" I ask in very confrontational manner.

"This guys a queer man, hes got an earing!" Little back story here, so 2 weeks earlier Mark and I had gone and gotten our right ears pierced, because back then it ment you were gay, so we got them done, thinking it'd be funny.. Looks like it back fired.. back to the story..

"I'm wearing one too" I say as I flick the earring with my finger. "So which one of yall wants your ass whipped by a queer?" I asked looking at each one waiting.

To be continued..

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