Volcanic adventure
Volcanic adventure  volcano stories
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parislouise love to write🕊 IG: @pariss.louise
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Suddenly you hear it... Short story using prompt word “Volcano”

Volcanic adventure

Moving gently forwards, you turn and smile at him. Soft bubbles dance upwards around you. Tropical fish and brightly coloured corals decorate the water. You’re scuba diving. Being in the water feels so natural, you’re at peace. Floating onwards you look at your oxygen, it’s running out. You both swim up to the surface where you left your boat..

Rising above the water you panic. Empty miles of ocean greet you. There is nothing. Your boat is gone. Confused and worried you both grip onto each other. It’s no where to be seen. In an alarmed state you decide to swim towards the only thing you can see. An island a little while away. Exhausted with fear you swim.

Finally you approach the island. Scrambling your scuba gear off, you both flop onto the sand. Drained completely, from the swim, you lay still breathing heavy. He holds your hand trying to comfort you but you can see the utter unnerve on his face. Thirst and hunger stricken with no resources at all, you gather to your feet. You have to do something

Soft sand comes to a stop as high rocky mountains stand firm. Looking up the rocks lead to hanging clouds. You both think the best idea is to reach higher ground. You hope you’ll be able to signal for help. Cautiously and aware you begin climbing upwards. Luckily the rock is placed well and it’s easy to climb so far. Suddenly you feel your hand slip.

You stumble, gripping on for dear life as heavy stones tumble down. You both stay there for a brief moment, taking a deep breath. You carry on, you have to. Finally you reach higher ground. Gathering all twigs and dry leaves you can find you create a fire. Looking out to sea there is still nothing around. The fire crackles and roars. Then...

You hear an intense rumble and the ground begins to shake. The power throws you both to the floor. You let out a panicking scream. Then you see it. Clouds of flaming ash rush out above you. The rumbling continues. Gripping tightly onto each other you’re frozen in fear. A massive hiss explodes above you. It’s a volcano! Flames, fire and ash clouds surround you.

It’s suffocating, coughing and crying you both scramble down the mountain. Going as fast as you can towards the water. The ground shaking violently beneath you. Deafening sounds smother you. You look back, still running down the rock, your eyes widen with traumatic fear. Lava is vigorously pouring and spitting it’s was down towards you.

Another giant rumble pushes you off balance. You fall greatly down to the sand, smashing your head on falling rocks. You feel your blood rushing then your body turns numb. Your hearing is completely distorted. The eruption sounds like an echo. You feel dizzy and sick. Struggling to keep your eyes open everything turns black.

Gasping for air you awaken in a panic. Choking and panting you lay on your side coughing up water. Finally catching your breath, you slowly sit up. Confusion meets you. You’re laying on your boat, he is holding your hand. “Thank god you’re okay! You didn’t tell me how low your oxygen tank was. You passed out and breathed in some water”

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