Submerged. (Part 1)

(Part 1)
 submerged stories

parislouise love to write🕊 Thank you so much :,)
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You cannot breathe. Scrambling for air you are violently submerged into the depths of this ice cold ocean. Mental health is an excruciating pain, this is just my way of describing my experience a little.

Submerged. (Part 1)

It crashes over you. Submerging you. You’re helpless. This ice cold wave violently whips over you. Slowly sinking, scrambling for your life, you are suffocating. The warm sun light gets further away as you’re being dragged further into the darkness of this ocean.

The ocean of your mind. It’s terrifying, you feel completely lost and alone. Even if there are people there for you, you still suffer in silence. You want to scream for help but the only person you’re screaming at is yourself. Feeling utterly useless, you continue to sink. You feel like giving up.

The oceans coldness starts to numb you, you feel an emptiness. You feel nothing but everything at the same time. Overwhelming thoughts and feelings constantly stabbing at you. The more you try to swim away the more you get dragged back down. There is no escape.

You feel you are trapped, It’s a brutal cycle. Chocking, stuttering, floundering you are gasping for air. However people around you don’t see you drowning, they see you swimming. Floating gently on the surface.

If you’ve read this thank you a lot! (: (This is not finished yet, sorry) (Also not much of a story just how it feels for me battling with Mental health illnesses) Please feel free to give opinions and criticism, thank you again

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