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parislouise love to write🕊 Thank you so much :,)
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What is that?... -Prompt word ‘Mice’


A little mouse awoken on his mother’s back, half asleep Opening his eyes seeing his brothers joyfully leap Confused he looks up, they’re headed east Then he finally sees it, a tremendous feast

Food piled high and mighty, it was fit for kings! Mountains of meat, crates of cheese, fountains of fruit, everything! Delicious smells danced proudly through the air Finding a giants banquet like this was rare

Plump and fresh fruits and vegetables shine bright Sausages, bacon and burgers comfort their growing appetite Creamy cheese stacked like a tower All this food, enough to last a lifetime, fills them with energy and power

The mice munched till they were full Collecting as much as they could carry for their family, friends and all Scurrying along back to their own world, they enter the floorboard...

The mice there were overjoyed, the little mouse and his family were completely adored Ever grateful they all were, they’re finally comfortable The little mouse and his family, were saviours, their city is now stable.

___________________________________ Thank you for reading, a poem I made using the prompt word “mice”. Definitely pretty bad, I got sort of stuck but I thought I’d share it anyway. Hope you enjoyed.

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