Genders and their flags! (pt1)
Genders and their flags! (pt1) lgbt stories

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Hey guys! I said I'd do gender definitions and their flags next time so here we are: 8 genders for you to learn about.
Thanks, my rainbows!

Genders and their flags! (pt1)

Before we start I would like to clarify: There is a difference between sexuality and gender identity! Your gender is what you feel inside, what gender you identify as, whilst sexuality, or sexual orientation, are the people/gender you are attracted to.

This is the Transgender flag: To be transgender means to identify as the opposite gender you were born as. Pronouns vary depending on the person!

To be non-binary is an umbrella term for all the genders that don't identify as only binary female and male genders. Pronouns vary depending on person/gender. Some non-binary gender examples are:

Genderfluid: someone who's gender identity and/or gender expression might vary and change over time. Pronouns vary depending on how the person is feeling! Genderfluid people do not have a fixed gender.

Demigirl: Someone who was assigned female at birth but does not fully/only partially identifies with being a woman, socially or mentally.

Demiboy: Someone who was assigned male at birth but does not fully/only partially identifies with being a man, socially or mentally.

Pangender: Someone who's gender identity is not limited to one gender, and instead may identify as all genders, or an immense number.

Bigender: Someone who identifies as two (or sometimes more) genders. Not to be confused with pangender, since there are more than two genders!

Agender: Someone who doesn't identify as having a gender.

And those were only a few! There are in fact over 60 different genders, all of which are diverse and valid. Thanks for reading!! Also update: I will be posting more often now, a variety of different things, every 1-3 days! ----->

(Also guys, I can't reply to comments, I'm really sorry! I can still read them though :D ) Thanks for reading through, my rainbows! I'll see you next time :)) -Paris

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