A Letter to the One Who Broke my Heart
A Letter to the One Who Broke my Heart memories stories

paradoxicalgirl My username says it all. :)
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The title says it all. Or does it?

A Letter to the One Who Broke my Heart

by paradoxicalgirl

Dear I Won't Tell Your Name for Obvious Reasons, You hurt me pretty bad. I used to think you were my hero yet why did you cause so much pain, I wished I could just die?

I thought it was my fault. Did you know that? No, of course, you didn't. You were wallowing so much in self-pity, you forgot I was here all along, desperate to help you get through your problems.

Sadly, you ignored me. You ignored my offer of help because you were too freaking proud to accept. I hated you for that kind of attitude, you know? You thought you were so tough and strong.

Obviously, you were wrong. Why? This is the main question I ask to myself. Why would you kill yourself and leaving us so quickly and without thinking of it clearly?

I thought it was my fault. Frankly, you were just selfish. You didn't care that you had a family and a whole bunch of crazy friends by your side who would help you anytime.

You broke my heart. Nevertheless, I cannot hate you because you're my sister and I'll always remember you. Till death. With love, Your sister

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