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Ties on strings

by paradoxedsouls

There's something within the ties of ex-lovers

Those ex-lovers who used to wrap around you and held you so tightly you would never think they'd let go.

Those who appreciated you and gave you every rose from the field until that field was gone.

Those who would probably give their last heartbeat to make you live at least another another day.

Those who held your hand as if it needed to stay warm in the middle of December

Those who saw you as a being that no one can compare to.

Those who you had your hands, souls, and tongues, tied.

But those, they stripped that tie into a string. Sometimes a conversation, but you're left on the other side thinking what could of been.

You're left with regrets and You're left as a different person because of what they did.

But now they sing beautiful words of a horrific memory. They sing beautiful words to another soul.

But, you still crave another second of that hug. You still crave a bit of affection from them. You still crave their attention.

And all this, after all they have done to hurt you, That knot is still left unwrapped.

A single string. A single note left to sing. A tie just left to rot. And left to be.

Because it's never going to be how it once was. Or how it used to be.

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