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Every beam of light

You ever feel like driving a car with headlights off, in the middle of the night, on a hazy day?

You go over that convo you had yesterday, thinking that you could have been less incriminating.

You ever spend time writing out your plans on a sheet of note paper and find it, days later, crumpled in your shelf?

And that tiny speck of self esteem inside you just dies.

You ever feel you have to tiptoe around your thoughts because the 'real' you wouldn't approve of you having them?

You lie awake half the night, staring at the ceiling fan, at the shifting shadows, at the person next to you, lost in skepticism.

You remember that look somebody gave you five years ago one drizzly evening.

You remember that situation from last month, wondering why the hell couldn't you have acted differently.

You ever feel like you're stuck in a loop? An infinity loop? Because that is just what over thinking is, an infinite loop.

An endless assortment of 'what-ifs'.

Press 'Stop' and abort the mission. Pull yourself together. Give yourself that pep talk and go do whatever the heck you always wanted to.

Every beam of light starts with a flicker.

Find your flicker, it's out here.

Because one thought is all it takes to give you the most screwed up picture of life.

And because one little thought is all it takes to set things right again.

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