the colors of my love
the colors of my love romance stories

papersunsets just another girl who has a lot to say.
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people have colors, it’s just up for you to see them.

the colors of my love

r e d she was a beautiful rose but that rose has thorns thorns that cut deep into your skin and leave you alone to bleed out all your love the love you will never get back

y e l l o w she was a breath of fresh air my other half but she feels so far away we were meant to meet i can tell you that but we were not meant to stay together

g r e e n maybe she was my angel sent from heaven to relieve me of all the pain but in reality she is nothing but another love turned a friend

b l u e i loved her from afar for days until i met her on a summer night music tied us together like long lost twins but distance made the tie sever

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