Who am I?
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paperdoll You and I both
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Im the one that blamed herself for everything-
The lying, the cheating, the fighting, the crying

Who am I?

I'll give you some hints I'm the little blond The one you haven't talked to since the incident

The incident Don't you remember? Oh. I guess not. Anyways, let's continue

I'm the girl whose heart was so filled with love That it poured out from her head

The one that was so stung by the incident- The incident that you don't appear to remember

That she couldn't get out of bed

The one that blamed herself for everything: The lying, the cheating, the fighting, the crying

The one that you made fun of for it You betrayed her

Yeah, do you remember now? Yeah. I'm the one who loved you But you didn't care enough to notice

I did everything I did for you And I even held you the closest

But I guess I'm just irrelevant Just another page in your story book

And maybe I would be with you again If you would have taken the time to look

At who I am And who I was

For you

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