Sharper Pieces
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papercut been in pain like me?
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Sharper Pieces

by papercut

The wind swayed her gently. Her Crimson hair blew across her pensive face as another gust of wind shook her .

It was a windy day and the rope from which she was hanging threatened to break as the wild wind swayed her like the willow tree from which she was hanging .

He watched as they unloaded her corpse into the morgue. Police swarmed around and talked in loud voices.

Who committed this barbaric act ? Who murdered this innocent city girl ? She did She herself did it.

They arrested him and treated him like a criminal A barbaric man A cruel lover A mad person Dangerous Terrible Formidable

But he actually was A lost soul A gentle lover Broken Kind Amiable Beautiful Trapped.

Any last words ? Asked the judge as he sentenced him to death for a crime he did not commit . He smiled and remembered what she said before hanging herself .

There are few pieces sharper than love .

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