papercutRecycled stardust .
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My views on depression .


by papercut


is not the disease they tell you about

It arrives with soft footfalls

and starts digging .

It dug underneath my eyes

and blamed it on sleepless nights .

It dug out some beautiful pieces of my soul

It dug me empty

like a grave .

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papercutRecycled stardust .
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papercutRecycled stardust .
8 months ago

papercutRecycled stardust .
7 months ago
For my fellow poets .

papercutRecycled stardust .
8 months agoReply
@bernardtwindwil your view are exceptionally true and nice , Sir Thank you so much and a very Happy New Year :)

papercutRecycled stardust .
8 months agoReply
@LostInMyDreams Thank you so much

bernardtwindwilGold CommaGranddad & story teller,
8 months agoReply
@LostInMyDreams @papercut The description in this post is the best that I have ever seen. I have never been a victim of depression. It took me years to learn how to treat it appropriately. At first, about 40 yrs ago, I was frustrated when my patients wouldn't just snap out of it. Here, take some chemicals in pill form and straighten your ass up. I know now, that there is a strong genetically generated brain chemical imbalance which you cannot just throw medications at. But guess what? It isn't PC to even study genetic and chemical linkages. Even replacing and mitigating brain chemical imbalances is not successful unless you can help that depressed patient reach down inside and touch a strength and source of pride. Most importantly you have to help enable self-forgiveness. And stop being a judgemental asshole to these people who are fighting within themselves. Great post!!!!

LostInMyDreamsCommabassadorDelving deeper into the unknown
8 months agoReply
Your views should be in the textbooks used to teach psychology! There are too many professionals in the field who want to help people with depression and they have no idea what it's like. This is a great summary of depression. I'm sorry you are battling with it, but keep writing. That's what gets me through my dark times!