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an unusual wish.


by paper


i read a story recently. it portrayed a flawed broken girl. but i don't think she was broken. i would use the word 'enigma'. so what if she drank a little too much. or her eyes were cold.


the world was conquerable and i was invincible. so what if i was alone or in a drunken stupor. i was the all reigning. the stars bent at my will and the moon looked at me in reverence.


everything turned into one hazy blur. i just knew i was defeating life. i finally had the upper hand. everyone knew my name. and everyone wanted to be me. i was inspiration. ironic really.


and so i sang and danced and swayed and twirled. winning over everyone. admired for my skill and 'unusual' lifestyle. heaven on earth. i drank some more. watching golden liquid trickle down.


the lights faded. why were they fading so soon? i had just begun my living my dream. so why was everything turning on me. i never wronged you god. why me? no longer respected. but why?


no one liked me anymore. no one wanted me anymore. people pointed me out as a consequence of obsession. i was exquisite no more. the liquid in this dark green bottle was my only portal .


so i burned. but how i burned. a spectacle. a tragedy. among hushed whispers and wonder-struck looks. leaving behind marks on all that lived and talked. i burned to ashes. blown away quick.


but i lived. i knew what euphoria was. and the ones left behind now know what enigmas are. how destructive beautiful things can be. i did not live a decent life. but you'll remember me. forever.


maybe you don't agree. but maybe notorious is better than unknown. maybe i just want to be tragic so i am remembered. an entity that soared and then plunged to a bewitching death.

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