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paper still trying to find a profession ._.
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don't we all?

I want

by paper

i want to be in control.

or at least an equal. enough of feeling weak. you're elder or important doesn't mean you can repress me. no way.

i want to know why i'm here.

what i've gotta do? i've spent too much time staring at the night sky wondering how do i fit into the big picture?

i want to love someone blindly.

but i'm too scared of being hurt. to come across as vulnerable.

i want to escape.

disappear. not exist. but human obligations tie me down.

i want to be delusional. euphoric. delirious.

till the end of time. to share this existence with you through something that i create.

i want to die famous.

a withering flower attracting bees. i NEED to be remembered. i don't want to die a nobody. this is my biggest fear.

i want to share this with you.

since you don't know me and i don't know you. P.S. these wants of mine are secret. so shush.

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