The story of Weak & Attention.
The story of Weak & Attention. sad stories

paolapenate 18. poetess.
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The story of Weak & Attention.

The story of Weak & Attention.


There was once a girl.

That lived in the shadows, of my darkest dreams.

Oblivious of the evil that surrounded her

Blind of those who wanted to hurt her, naive to accept she was rooting for Attention. And unable to let him go.

They called her Weak.

I told her to leave him before she got too close.

She turned deaf to my warnings and in responde, broken she got. Then turned mute to ask for help.

Because all she wanted was Attention.

But all he wanted was her soul.

Why didn't you listen to me?.

I am the future, I knew Attention was not good for you. Now look at you....

holding the pieces of your heart together...

with staples and glue.

But I guess it was all for the better,

knowing they don't call me Weak anymore, but look up to me for defeating such a horrendous creature.

As for Attention...

I let him go.

However, I still see him,

hiding in the shadows of darkest dreams.

Waiting for our story, to repeat once again.

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