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paolapenate 18. poetess.
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from a fuck*d up mind series (3)


by paolapenate

The dilemma of my body and mind,

is that I don't know where it all went bad.

Or how am I supposed to fix what I've done wrong.

The dilemma of my outer and inner self,

is that the voices whisper and I yell.

How do I forgive the people who pushed me towards insanity?

and made me hear voices...the ones who whisper....

I have tried to close the doors.

But somehow, somebody always opens them, and my weak self is not strong enough to keep them out.

They enter, uninvited, acting like they haven't hurt me,

trying to shake my hand. with the hand they used to choke me.

The dilemma between me and the world is that is cruel..

to those who don't deserve it.

The dilemma between me and myself is that sometimes ...

I say and do things that make no sense.

Like write poems about those who are not relevant anymore.

The dilemma between me and my so called friends is;

that they are not good liars or actors.

So I can see clearly through the mask they use to see me.

The dilemma between me and my past is;

that I've done a lot of mistakes.

Some of which I regret,

and some that I keep my chin up for.

The actual dilemma is;

that I have so many of them.

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