The Cactus's Great Crusade Part 3
The Cactus's Great Crusade 
Part 3  non-fiction stories

pandorakrennic Of dreams and life follow your footsteps
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Welcome Pie Pan Valley where the dirt is sticky and the monkey is British

The Cactus's Great Crusade Part 3

Cactus, done with Jerusalems political ableism, travels to Pie Pan valley. Where he runs into the native monkey, Sir. Knuckle arm.

"Why hath thou broughteth thine them thon to me?!" Sir. Knuckle arm speaks in a heavy British accent. "Sir, I, am, done, with, J-E-R-U-S-A-L-E-M." Cactus spells out slowly in a slight french accent.

Then Sir. Knuckle Arm says, "You shalleth goeth down into the tunnel of Jolly Ranch where you will go to Sticky Dirt Village where you will meet my cousin, Sir Knuckle Arm the second. Also known as Backhair Jim" The monke says in a normal accent. End part 3

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