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pandorakrennic Of dreams and life follow your footsteps
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A poem about a person destroyed physically and mentally by a zombie apocalypse. (Updated)


When night departs And myself remains I try to break away from these chains I see the light But cannot move Stuck in this neverending ruse The dead, they walk And the voices in my head, they talk

Living till the day I die I am stuck in this ongoing lie I have been listening to the night And I know it will never be alright I see again, the fall of man And the remains of our broken land My bones, they grow weak And my groans grow as I speak

The summer nights And winter days Blur into a grey mess As night departs A light descends I know now this is the end Madness remains The hoard, it hears me yell But the pain, I cannot quell

As the evening sun leaves The house is broken in The survivor no longer lives As the hoard, it never gives All that is left In the corner of the room Are the remains of a man That has met his doom

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