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pandorakrennic Of dreams and life follow your footsteps
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I have some ideas for locations in my stories and I was wondering what ones everyone thinks I should pursue (just leave a comment about the one(s) you liked the most)

My Story Ideas

The prison of the barren snow

The Xaralanstin (Zair-Uh-Lans-tin)

The valley of the parallel marshland (a perfectly mirrored flat open

marshland unobscured by anything such as trees. In a long linear fashion flanked by mirrored mountains)

The portal of Coreon

The Moon Base of Jackpot city

The Datrined lands (Dat-rined) (rined said similarly to rimed)

The tower of Dentharon

The artificial star

The levitating island of Resplendent (Res-plen-dent)

Tomb of the Molten Hill

The Forgotten hills

The village of the sunken sky

The pyramid of Remembrance

Anticutus (Anti-cut-us)

The voyage of the Epherial Civilization (said close to spherical)

The grasslands under the perfect blue sky (speaks for itself)

The Sytheral Mountains (said like Sith-eral)

The Lake of Essense

Illitukrantuil (Ill-itu-kran-tuil)

The battle of Ranthundin (Ranthundin is a fort in the side of a mountain) (Ran-thun-din)

The Pyramids of Antrin

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