Andy the Phrog (Frog)
Andy the Phrog (Frog)  frog stories

pandorakrennic Of dreams and life follow your footsteps
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My frog story (Phrog). Andy the phrog is just a simple man trying to make his way through the galaxy

Andy the Phrog (Frog)

Once in an old and long-forgotten swamp, there was a phrog named Andy. Andy always went about his day just hopping along the old lily pads and eating the unwanted bugs.

One day an old hunter that lives down the creek wandered into the swamp, looking for something to eat.

The hunter did not have any guns and made poor bows and knives, so he always looked for easy prey. Andy just hopping his little phrog legs along happened to be noticed by the old hunter.

And the hunter said, "I woke up this morning and sat on a log, I opened up a menu and the menu said phrog!" Andy, understandably terrified, kicked the hunter in the face and ran away.

The hunter, not wanting to go home without some frog legs, chased after him. After chasing Andy through the swamp for an hour, the hunter got bored and went home. The end.

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