To Juliet

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My dearest Juliet, how is it that love can be the sweetest song, but also the harshest sting to the heart?

To Juliet

My dearest Juliet, how is it that love can be the sweetest song, but also the harshest burn to the heart?

My faith is fading in romance and in myself since my fickle heart is a slave to love.

I have allowed men to trample my heart and use me for things I do not wish.

I wish so much of the world and of love that I'm beginning to wonder if it is worth it anymore.

I am a person, with authentic feelings that nobody seems to acknowledge.

The only thing men seem to be interested in is sex, not love, not a relationship.

I have given men everything in me, even when I have nothing left to give, I keep trekking along like a solider at war.

My fruitless efforts for endearment and compassion are starting to take a toll on my weary soul.

My heart is so foolish to be swept away in false romances filled with deceitful lies.

Perhaps it is because we are all so young and filled with desires that never seemed to be quenched.

Why can I not banish my infatuation to have someone to just hold me.

Why must it mutilate every fiber of my existence when I finally realize I've been getting thrown around like a ragdoll.

Why should I continue to share my passion with those who knowingly deserve nothing?

It’s toilsome to see everyone getting engaged, married, settling down, and having children.

While I guzzle a bottle of wine alone, watching love stories that I know will never occur in my lifetime.

I want to restore my life and make different decisions, to prevent the perilous trials of fate.

I wouldn't allow my heart to get caught up in tangles made out of false words and broken promises.

That might be a fairytale wish for one who is gradually losing confidence.

When will my pain and suffering end Juliet?

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