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pandora_rain I write my feelings to live freely
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Do nice guys really finish last?

Thoughts on Nice Guys

The motto, "nice guys finish last" sticks in my mind like glue I've never been with a nice guy because of that motto

I was taught that bad boys are the most attractive the meaner they are to you means they love you but do they?

In my experience, bad boys have never been good for me they brought down my self esteem they got me nothing, but trouble

Nice guys have always been that genuinely nice guys all around sometimes there can be one wolf in sheep clothes but I've only had that happen once

Why the stigma around them why do people not like them and claim they finish last? I've found 2 nice guys who are number one in my heart

One is my best friend he is just so amazing he listens to me when I'm upset and comforts me how is he still single? Because hes a nice guy and they finish last

the second, I'm not sure what we are He treats me like the queen I am He supports me when I need it How did I meet someone as great as he is?

In my eyes, Nice guys finish first in my heart Bad boys, well one can only hope they change We women deserve nice guys over bad boys.

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