The Heartbreak of One

       The Heartbreak of One distance stories

pandora_rain I write my feelings to live freely
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Walking away from the one I love even though he doesn't know.

The Heartbreak of One

I knew our time would End Our love had a due date I tried to mend

Oh how naive I was To believe we could stop Time

And now as we lay here You have yet to learn it will be the last time My heart cannot fathom the pain

I tried so hard to pretend Pretend the end was not near

As you fall asleep I trace an infinity sign across your heart Please do not forget me

I know I will not forget you You have stolen what was left of my Broken Heart

Walking away from you was the hardest thing You did not know it was the last time I would be in your gentle arms

As we share one last Kiss I hold you closely and then let Go

I cannot be with you The distance wont allow it I will forever miss you Even though you wont know it

I must protect my broken heart I cry as I walk away You will never know how much I care for you

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