The Flash of Light

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A flash of light changes everything. Now you decide what happens next.

The Flash of Light

The night sky was a deep blue with stars that glittered in the sky. The moon was bright as the sun and was full tonight. However, nobody was paying attention to the night sky that night.

A bright flash had blocked everything out for just a second. What followed sounded a lot like the end of the world. People were screaming as the world darken to total darkness.

The world erupted into chaos as the power went out all over the world. That bright flash caused the electricity to short circuit. There was no way to contact anyone since the power lines had been fried.

A young woman stood alone outside basking in the screaming. She was the only one who looked up at the night sky. The bright moonlight reflected in her wide eyes.

Had the world truly come to an end? Nobody could tell what was going on. People started to gather their families outside with candles to ask their neighbors if they had power or any idea what happened

The young woman stood alone listening as fights began to break until other people got in and broke it up. The people were afraid and had no way of knowing what to do. Someone had to step in and calm them all down.

"Stop you're fighting and find firewood! Build a fire, you're frightening the children!" She shouted over the screaming men, bickering women, and crying children. Everyone stopped and looked at her surprised to see who had spoken.

Slowly, people began to move and build a fire to light up the street. Children stopped crying as they moved towards the fire for warmth. The night air was unusually cool for August. Maybe the black out had something to do with it.

The people turned towards the young woman for advice since she calmed everyone down. With a deep breath she dragged a chair beside the fire and began to tell a story. "A long time ago, before any of you were even born there was another flash of light."

"A light so bright it burned your eyes if you were looking up at the sky." "It happened on a night, just like this one and it stole my mother away." "That strange beam took many people's loved ones from them and they were gone for months."

"When my mother was finally found she was not the same. she claimed she saw the future." "She saw the world ending in a flash of light, like the one we saw tonight." "The next day my mother died after telling me that."

"This could be the beginning of the end like my mother said or it could be the beginning of a new era." "The choice is up to us now. Should we continue the path of destruction and war?" "Or shall we try to aspire to live in harmony with everyone?

Authors Note: So, I want to hear from you guys, decide where the fate shall go! Help me out with this one and comment below!! Trying something new for myself!

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