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After much preparation it's time. Its time to execute the plans for your funeral.
This is a work of fiction just wanted to try out the darker stuff.


After much preparation it's time.

Its time to execute the plans for your funeral.

After all the pain you caused me it's time for you to pay for what you did.

My revenge will be slow and sweet,

Just like how you made me fall in love with you.

Slowly creeping into your dark room,

You slept so peacefully Like an innocent child.

However, you are not an innocent boy, Heartbreaker, Liar, Abuser of the mind and soul

Quickly binding your hands and feet against the old wooden headboards.

You didn't even sir; but you never did when you slept.

You could sleep through anything since you are a heavy sleeper.

Throwing an ice cold bucket of water on your sweet sleeping face You Finally Awaken.

"Surprise!" I say sweetly as a sickening grin slides across my face.

Watching your face contort with fear was rewarding You have every right to be afraid.

Watching you twist and turn against the ropes that bound you was beautiful.

Trapped like a fly in a spider's web.

A web I spun just for you so I could watch you fight against it and lose.

Watching you lose hope in your eyes they fill with fear as your wrist begin to bleed from the ropes.

I loved you once and now thats all gone after you cut out my heart with a knife of lies.

Leading me on with sweet nothings that once made my heart sing your praises.

But now, I lift a knife above my head ready to plunge it in your Frantic Beating Heart.

Your eyes widen as the blade rises like they were tied together on a string.

The blade is as sharp as the words You Cut Me With.

Listening to you plead for mercy earned you nothing, but a maniac laugh from my lips.

The sun is rising and my surprise is coming to an end.

The blade glistens and glitters in the early sunlight.

With the blade still above my head and a wild smile on my face I plunge it Deep within Your heart.

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