Inner Turmoil

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pandora_rain I write my feelings to live freely
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I wish my heart and head would stop fighting

Inner Turmoil

I wish my heart and head would stop fighting

they fight over everything it seems

who I love

who my friends are

who I speak to when there is no one else

I thought I had cracked the code

figured out how to make them both listen

listen to who I want around me

listen to who I love

listen when I need them to stop the raging turmoil within my soul

I ruined everything

the fighting in my mind pulverized me like shattered glass

ruined who I loved

ruined any friendships i once had

ruined my life support when I needed help

now the fighting has ceased

only because both sides are damaged beyond repair

my heart is broken

my mind is corrupted

my life is ruined

why did I think I could fix everything?

nothing is solved when you are at war with yourself

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