I Love Him, He Loves Her
I Love Him, He Loves Her wrong stories

pandora_rain I write my feelings to live freely
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A boy I thought loved me loved another, yet I kept hoping he'd love me anyway

I Love Him, He Loves Her

I thought loving you would make me happy.

I thought you were happy with me,

but I was wrong.

You loved her and never loved me.

I thought that by giving myself to you, you'd stay.

I thought that listening to you cry yourself to sleep would make you stay,

but I was wrong

I thought about how happy you looked with her.

I thought about how she must have something I don't,

but I was wrong.

I don't need you to be happy.

I don't need to make you stay,

You should want to stay.

I thought you'd see how great I'm doing and miss me.

I thought you'd care enough about me to wish me happy birthday,

but I was wrong.

You will never be here for me.

You will always be there for her.

I hate her for being your love.

I wanted to be her for so long,

but I was wrong.

I don't need you.

I just want you.

Even though you love her.

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