Do you remember?
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Do you remember the way it felt when you took that wedding ring off? *Warning Explicit Content*

Do you remember?

How did it feel to see me today?

To see me quickly flee from your sight knowing what you'd done.

Did your heart fill with pain and sorrow as mine filled with fear?

Do you remember those things you said and did to me?

I remember it like a movie repeating the same scene in slow motion in my head.

I remember the dark movie theater we sat in.

The movie we saw still haunts my memories even though I didn't watch it.

I can still feel your hot breath as you whisper in my ear.

"Princess, kiss me"

"Why wont you look at me, princess?"

"I'm stealing so many kisses from you, princess"

I remember watching you slyly slip off your wedding ring hoping I didn't see.

I watched your every move in paralyzed fear of what was next to come.

Do you remember what you did once that ring fell away from your finger?

I tried to lean away, but you held me in place.

Once the movie was over you left me to cry tears that no one would see.

Never have I felt so betrayed and helpeless.

You were married to my best friend's older sister.

You watched me grow from a mere bud into a beautiful flower.

You waited. Waited until I was legal To make your move.

You Fucking Disgusting Pervert.

I once trusted you, but now I fear you.

I hope you remember everything. Everything you did to me then when you saw me today.

I hope that when you cut your hand today, Hurts

I hope the shock of seeing me again Hurts

Hurts like the Pain I feel Everyday.

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